We are proud to have worked with a huge variety of clients in and around the North East of England.

James Percy, Linhope Estate

Linhope Estate is 7 miles up a single track road deep in the Cheviot Hills. The lodge is a guest house accommodating up to 18 people with a farming and sporting tourism business supporting the local economy.

There was no possibility of any broadband. The clients had tried satellite broadband but this had proven expensive and unreliable.

Alncom surveyed the area and pinpointed a small area on a hillside where they could receive super fast broadband to a small mast from Powburn at a distance of 6 miles. Once planning permission was obtained for the mast and it was erected and powered up, Alncom quickly and professionally carried out the installation and within one day we had 84Mbps to the living room of Linhope Lodge and various other farms and cottages also linked up with superfast broadband.

“This has revolutionised life at Linhope – connecting the remote community to all the benefits of the internet, enabling business’s to develop, people to communicate with friends and family and feel part of the 21st Century”. 

Matt Stone, Fontburn Reservoir – Northumbrian Water

Northumbria Water have a remote site at their water treatment works and leisure centre at Fontburn, Northumberland. BT were unable to deliver a line based service & various companies had tried to deliver a wireless solution over the past 10 years. In June 2017, 6 telecoms companies registered an interest, in this project. Alncom was the first to respond to the tender, coming up with a solution the very next day. Alncom won the work and delivered a superfast broadband link within a month. This was then expanded to cover up to 150 residential properties over nearly 100 square miles.

The main challenge was overcoming the vast distances, hills & trees. Over 20 Km of backhaul links were required for distribution, but we were lucky to have the full support of Northumbrian Water & local land owners.

“We are a company with many remote and rural sites and for years we have had challenges providing a reliable fast internet service to some of our locations. This was the case at our water treatment works and leisure site at Fontburn. Alncom came to us with a creative solution that not only helped resolve this issue and meet our needs but also provided help and benefits for the local community. We now have a fast broadband link which was implemented very quickly and has made a huge, positive difference to the working lives of our employees and the local residents. Alncom have proved to be a reliable, pro-active supplier and nothing is too much trouble for them.” 

Jacqueline Binnie, Tillmouth Farm

Running a business is always a challenge but running a business in North Northumberland with little or no internet connection is almost impossible. Running with a speed of no more than 0.75 Mbps made life difficult and stressful. We have had an affiliation with Alncom for several years with them looking after the technical side of our computers and therefore they were very aware of our problems with broadband connections. This is when they told us they could get us faster wireless broadband.  It has now been installed and it has been a lifeline to our business now having speeds up to 45 Mbps. We are very grateful to the staff at Alncom who have worked with skill, speed and professionalism in order to supply this great service for our business and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them.

John Henry, Bywell Shooting Ground

Due to our location we are unable to receive standard cable style broadband, even though this was promised by other providers. Alncom provided our business with super fast wireless broadband, the system was fully installed and set up by them with no complications. Three years on, we take for granted how fast and reliable our broadband is, it’s just always on.