Alncom Expands Ultrafast Broadband in Alnwick

November 1, 2023

At Alncom, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve begun extending our ultrafast full-fibre broadband network in the heart of Alnwick. This significant step brings ultrafast broadband to Barrasdale, Windsor Garden, Cedar Grove, and Fairfields with the first live connection. We’re proud to share the benefits of our ultrafast broadband with the community.

Alncom’s ultrafast broadband has already improved connectivity for thousands of properties in Alnwick, offering identical download and upload speeds for a seamless online experience. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide in rural regions, and our expansion is making this a reality.

Our coverage now spans Norham in the north to Seaton Sluice in the south, serving towns and villages across Northumberland, including Alnwick, Amble, Rothbury, and Wooler. With over 25,000 properties already connected, we’re dedicated to bringing the advantages of ultrafast broadband to everyone.

Our vision is to ensure that essential activities like schoolwork, research, gaming, and relaxation are accessible to all. We’re delighted to have reached our 1000th customer in Alnwick, providing reliable and fast internet to residents in these areas.

We believe in inclusivity, so we’re introducing a Social Tariff starting at £15 for those receiving benefits. We aim to make high-speed internet accessible to a broader range of residents, with tailored packages to suit different usage needs.

At Alncom, community support is close to our hearts. We’re headquartered in Alnwick and deeply connected to the local community. Many of our staff live and work in the area, and we actively support various initiatives, from sponsoring events at Alnwick Town Football Club to contributing to the Alnwick food bank.

Our customer-centric philosophy sets us apart. We prioritize fast and reliable service, and our commitment extends beyond the business – we’re genuinely part of the community. We’ve optimized our speeds for gamers, ensuring a lag-free experience for online gaming enthusiasts.

As we expand our broadband network, we’re looking for local talent. Currently employing 70 people, we’re planning to hire approximately 20 more this year. Our core values include exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and a commitment to community welfare. We also offer Alncom Assist, helping customers exit contracts they’re not happy with, and guarantee no price increases during a contract.

At Alncom, we’re building a connected future for Northumberland. Join us on this exciting journey to transform connectivity for all.

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