Ingram Valley Safari: A Success Story in Northumberland

November 20, 2023

Alncom were challenged to build North East business Ingram Valley Safari and the surrounding businesses and community from a poorly performing, unreliable wireless network across a vast area to a successful, hybrid fibre network. 

Thriving on a challenge, the resulting fibre broadband has literally changed the future for the owners of Ingram Valley Safari. It has become an award-winning rural fibre project for Alncom, with a welcome boost to the tourism sector in the region.

The Challenge: Connecting a Hybrid Fibre Network in hard-to-reach, Rural locations

Ingram Valley Safari is based in a very hard-to-reach network in rural Ingram, with poor connectivity affecting the day-to-day running of the business and lives of the local community. 

To illustrate the literal lengths that Alncom went to reach the valley, 83.7 kilometres of fibre was buried in the ground, 77.5 kilometres of overhead fibre was built, and 53 kilometres of UG duct was laid.  A huge challenge was undertaken by the team at Alncom.

Our Ethos

Alncom looks to connect community spaces with fibre broadband FREE, where possible, during network builds.  With many of the staff working and living within Northumberland and the North East, it’s part of the company ethos to support the local community.