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Our map shows any postcodes* affected by connectivity issues. If you are experiencing any problems, contact us on 01665 604816 or via email.

Under Investigation

Issue Identified

No issues

Under Investigation

Our engineers are currently working to resolve an known issue :

NE20 0RQ, NE67 5HP, NE68 7SJ
Issue Identified

An issue has been identified that may disrupt a small number of connections :

DL13 3NL, DL13 3NP, DL13 3PP, DL13 3QF, NE66 1ET, NE66 2DX, NE66 2GD, NE66 2JJ, NE66 2PF, NE66 2UN, NE66 2UP, NE66 3JF, NE71 6TA, TD15 2PE, TD15 2TR, TD15 2UA, TD15 2UQ
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To report a problem, contact us on 01665 604816 or via email.

* Please note, not all residents within the postcode may be affected.