The Alncom Story

Alncom has a history going back nearly 40 years and we really have been ‘simplifying IT since 1983”.  So how did the Alncom Team , get to where we are today?

Well the story goes back almost 40 years …

Alncom Started as a “Computer Games Shop” in 1983 and as new opportunities were presented, grew
to a be service provider offering IT services & support to business and home clients.

One of the opportunities that shaped the future came in 2005, when an internet service offering ‘dial up’ internet was developed.

Alncom internet was born!

Broadband internet followed and the Alncom team grew a strong customer base reselling these services, with the customers loving the reliable and solid service from the team.

But because of Alncom’s rural location, they quickly saw the divide between good internet in the towns & really poor internet for rural locations.  So the team started to look at how Alncom could help balance out the equality.

Managing Director Stephen and his team stumbled upon wireless connectivity, finding that this was an awesome method of delivering fast internet to extremely rural locations.  So they set themselves the task of creating a full WISP service and are now proud to have by far the largest wireless internet footprint in the North East!

But that wasn’t enough, and still seeing a massive imbalance of internet speeds for rural communities with large internet companies just missing them out, because “it’s not financially viable” to connect them, they firmly believed that this was wrong and no – there is ALWAYS a way!

So, the team at Alncom put their heads together and worked out how to do it, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, using their local knowledge and years of experience in  IT.

They are now really proud to  roll-out full fibre networks to connect rural communities that others “wouldn’t” or “couldn’t connect”, using rapid deployment methods, local knowledge, industry experts, plus local authority & Government support.

Alncom’s efforts have been recognised from many quarters and they have received many offers of investment over the years.  But the right offers came in from Lord James Percy, Andrew Parry and more recently Railsite Telecom.  With their help and industry knowLedge, Alncom are growing at a phenomenal rate, more than doubling their workforce so far in 2021 alone.

With their ethos of ‘get it done’ and to ‘leave no one behind’, Alncom are the team with heart, who will get communities connected and not just “talk about it”.

*you can even use Government Funding, so it costs you nothing …

So if you have an internet problem and no one else can help, then maybe you can *hire ‘the Alncom Team”. 

Meet The Team

Stephen Pinchen

Managing Director

Gareth Carter 

Commercial Director

Dawn Pinchen

Finance & HR Director

Rachel Carter

Accounts Manager

Chris Philips

Lead Network Engineer

John Parker

Head of Community Engagement

Gavin Sewell

Head of Field & Customer Support